Because what else would you do with old hardware?

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  • Installing GitLab Omnibus on your Linux PC.
  • Hosting the GitLab server on your own website.
  • Making the Linux PC accessible from anywhere via SSH.
  • Remotely booting your PC whenever needed.

Weigh your options carefully — decide efficiently

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If you want to learn, listen closely to the ones with the most experience

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Live for the Day


Blood, Sweat and Tears

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Become part of the Sixth Sense reboot!

Stay tuned!

Still looking for contributors

Achieving your goals faster and more efficient

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Lessons for all the newbie writers out there

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If you’re a beginner writer, listen closely

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If you decide to consume — do it the right way

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And how to change that

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Patrick Krukenfellner

Software engineering student and freelance author, writing about how to improve our lives in every aspect.

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